About the Books


The Cave, The Cabin, & The Tattoo Man was truly a work of love. It started out as a means to capture memories of my childhood summers spent with my grandparents in Morgan County, Kentucky. I soon decided to try to get the book published.

In June of 2005, my wife and I visited the area after an absence of nearly twenty years. I visited the farm that my grandparents bought after they sold the country store. My papaw died there in the same house that still stands. After mamaw left the farm Susie’s (a main character in the book) family bought the farm and her mom Monie still lives there today.

After visiting Monie and her daughters Donna and Brenda at the farm I decided to write. The story is based on several real people and some fictional characters.  Some areas are real and others are made up. But all were written in honor of my family and loved ones.


I believe children 6 and up will enjoy the antics of Timmy and Susie (the main characters) as they develop a love-hate relationship. Kids will like Timmy’s adventures in the caves, playing in the creeks and woods. The book has lots of humor to keep kids wanting to read more. It also introduces kids in a very subtle way to God’s love.

Besides Timmy and Susie, other characters kids will enjoy include 6-year-old twins Delma & Thelma, 11-year-old James Ernest, and adult brothers Large Larry and Harry the Mouse.

With computers and video games being the biggest entertainment for kids today and great fiction such as Harry Potter, the Hobbit and C. S. Lewis’s books taking over the store fronts, I hope this series will give kids a different escape for fun.  An escape to what is waiting for them in the outdoors.  I hope the books give them an idea of what fun fishing, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors are.  Even if they can’t experience it - they will be able to dream it.


More adults have read the book than children at the time that I write this, and they love it.  I’ve had numerous people say they started reading and could not put it down till it was finished. For this I feel blessed. I think adults enjoy the look back to years when things were simpler, and they remember the childhoods they enjoyed in similar circumstances.

Adults enjoy the adventures, the humor and the suspense of the murder mystery. I do think this is truly a book for all ages. I’ve had readers from 8-year-olds to my 97-year-old great aunt read the book and then recommend it to others.

In closing, if you’re going to read the book or have already read it,

When the idea to write the book came to me, I would have never imagined people would buy it.


   Tim & Tanner