Book #5 in the Kentucky Summers 2 Series

I noticed something in the middle of the back bay. It was nearly dark in the bay with all the trees closing around me. I stopped on the rise and tried studying the object to see what was floating in the water. It looked like a body. Maybe it was a large sack or something. I hurried down the path and climbed onto the slanted rock to where I could get a closer look. I was then fifteen feet from what I knew was a dead body!

James Ernest is getting ready for college in 1965. The Wolf Pack and Bear Troop plan a new, bold adventure for his sendoff, a week-long trip to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Timmy turns sixteen and is taken from the store again. A body is found in the lake. Catahecassa is being hunted for revenge. Papaw is missing. A cave is searched. Treehawk has all the humor, characters, and suspense you expect from a Tim Callahan novel.

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