We Saw Something


Book #2 in the Kentucky Summers 2 Series

As we went down the last rise on the west side of the lake near the slanted rock I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I hurried ahead and saw a figure sloshing through the snow down the ice covered stream at the back of the lake......... We quickly found the footpring in the snow and began following them........

I came up beside James Ernest and looked down at the end of the prints. It looked like the person had done a circle in the snow, moved back and forth, and sure as I stood there, the person had disappeared.

"How do you explain that?" Tucky asked as he stood there beside us looking down at the same thing we were.

James Ernest shook his head from side-to-side.

"Golly, he just disappeared," Purty Said, stating the obvious.

In the second installment of the Kentucky Summers 2 series strange sightings and encounters are happening in Morgan County. Is Morgan County being invaded by aliens?

Also, Foster Banks has run away from home to live in the mountains. What is he running from, and what did he do?

And how is the Wolf Pack invovled in it all

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