Nashville Sounds


Autumn enjoyed the constant movement and symphony of the crowd swerving and juggling trays filled with treats and drinks. She enjoyed the laughter of friends sharing stories, happy to spend time together. She also enjoyed the time alone to focus on notes, rhymes, and lines she wrote in her notebook. Some she found in the hustle of the crowd around her. But most lines came from her memories of home in a holler of Kentucky where her parents were still living on the farm.

On a beautiful spring morning in Nashville, Autumn River, an aspiring country singer, is enjoying her coffee at a café when Keegan Lynch, a minor league pitcher, walks into her life. The relationship hits obstacles, hurdles, and mountains as it slowly develops despite the instant attraction between the two.

Follow the rise in the success of the two heroines even if it might cost them a chance at love. Let Nashville Sounds entertain you with the humor and characters that author Tim Callahan brings to the pages of this story.

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