Red River, Junior, & the Witch


Book #7 in the Kentucky Summer Series


Not only did James Ernest hogtie the two men, but he preached to them after doing it. I felt he should have sung Amazing Grace to them, but I was in a hurry to get away just in case they had any friends who were out looking for them, which I strongly doubted.

In Red River, Junior, and the Witch, the seventh novel in the Kentucky Summers series by Tim Callahan, the action takes place on the Red River in the summer of 1962. The Wolf Pack is on their summer adventure, canoeing Kentucky’s Red River, and they’ve invited Henry Junior to join them.

The six boys and Coty are in for the canoe trip of their life. The boys encounter huge rapids, wildlife, dangerous men, weird meals, and a witch. So how do they come away as heroes? You'll keep turning the pages until that fact is revealed.

Red River, Junior, and the Witch is filled with the humor, suspense, and adventure you've come to expect in a Tim Callahan novel. Come in and spend a spell with the Wolf Pack. They might share their possum stew with you.

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