Roadkill in Blaze


Book #6 in the Kentucky Summers 2 Series

I pulled the trigger.

My face had rain falling on it. It looked red. Red rain was falling on me. My brother must have had red rain falling on him. The rain split him into little pieces. I couldn’t even find him. His comrades couldn’t find him. No one could find him. Red tears fell as I turned and walked back to the truck.

Red tears fell as I drove. My face was covered with red.

I drove but I couldn’t see the road. Red tears filled my eyes as the road disappeared. Abruptly the truck stopped. I slumped as the red tears turned to black.

Shock is sent through the Kentucky community when one of their own is killed. Two families are torn apart in this sixth novel in Tim Callahan’s Kentucky Summers series, Roadkill in Blaze.

Murders, caves, bullies, a search for a treasure chest, and a new bride bring adventure, humor, love and suspense to everything you expect from a Tim Callahan novel.

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