Timmy & Susie & the Bootlegger's Revenge


Book #5 in the Kentucky Summers Series


We were tied to the chairs again back to back. The three men spent an hour outside the cabin, discussing their plans. We could only catch bits and pieces of the conversation, nothing that we could piece together to tell us how long we had until the money was to be delivered. I sat there and wondered if they would really kill us if they didn't get the money. I wondered if they would kill us even if they got the money.

Here Susie and I were, being held hostage. I knew that my mom, Mamaw and Papaw, and Susie's parents had to be worried sick. I knew that they were trying to figure out how to get money to pay for our safe return. I wondered what the Wolf Pack was doing. I wondered who was praying for us.

Timmy and the Wolf Pack are back again, making the absolute most out of another Kentucky Summer. In this fifth installment to the series, Tim and Susie are kidnapped right out of the front of Timmy's mom's store, and while the grownups do their best to find them, it's ultimately up to the Wolf Pack to figure out who took them and how to get them back.

Timmy & Susie & the Bootleggers' Revenge is filled to the brim with all the humor, mystery, suspense, and heartwarming community togetherness you've come to expect from author Tim Callahan.

Reunite with Timmy, Susie, Mamaw, Papaw, James Ernest, and so many other wonderful Kentucky Summer characters you've come to love.

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