I heard cracking and barking. I looked up to see Coty’s face and then the ice gave way, and I was submerged into the icy water.

I screamed when my head came out of the water. I instantly felt frozen. It was hard to move my arms to keep my head above the ice.

I looked up again and saw Mom and the tears flowing down her face. I saw the end of the rope land next to me. I reached for it, but it was just out of reach. My head went under the water again as I was losing feeling. I couldn’t feel anything.

Author Tim Callahan again has written an exciting novel, Tick, with humor and feeling. It’s 1966 and bad news arrive about Randy in Vietnam which causes the kids to hold a Vietnam protest. Three members of the Wolf Pack try out for the high school baseball team. An Amish family has moved into the community.

And Coty now has a family.

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