Come Home, Joe


The Conroy family knows all their neighbors in the small subdivision of Lexington, Kentucky; that is, until Joe Hawkins moves into the old Hawkins farmhouse.

Joe is a gruff old man who doesn't take kindly to his neighbors. When twelve-year-old Kevin Conroy and his friend Belinda try to befriend him, they realize he isn't mean, he's frightened.

After four years as a POW in Vietnam, Joe was released and honorably discharged. Traumatized by the events, Joe fled to the mountains instead of returning home. Thirty-five years later, Joe comes home to his family's farmhouse, but the world he returns to is much different from the one he left.  Reluctantly Joe begins to re-enter society with the help of Kevin and Belinda, but will he be able to overcome the war within and accept the love this family offers him?

Comments from Readers:

Over 58,000 Americans lost their lives in the Vietnam War that left a deep scar on this nation and on individual hearts. Join Author Tim Callahan in honoring the Vietnam veterans in Come Home, Joe, an inspiring tale of compassion and love. ~ Bill Noel, Author of the Folly Beach Mysteries

“This book is my favorite book!  I cried at times, laughed at others, and didn’t want the story to end.  It's another one of your amazing books.  Thanks, and God Bless!” – Lacey

“I sat down by the fire with a hot cup of coffee and an afghan over me and read Come Home, Joe from cover to cover. What a great book! I really enjoy how you weave a story, and I learned a lot about the Vietnam War that I didn’t know. I wish you tremendous success with this and all your other books.” - Cliff

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