Dark Days in Morgan County


Book #3 in the Kentucky Summers Series


Timmy's life has changed. He is now living with his grandparents and attending the one-room school in Kentucky.

Dark Days in Morgan County is the third installment in the popular Kentucky Summers series. Novelist Tim Callahan carves out a dramatic, suspenseful tale about a colored family that has moved into the Morgan County farm community in 1960. Overcoming his initial fear, Timmy makes friends with the poor Henry Washington's clan of six and introduces them to other families in the area. Problem is - one man moved to Morgan County to keep his family from having to live near blacks and is determined to keep the area all white.

Despite the difficult theme of the book, Tim Callahan has maintained the country wit and charm of the first two books while tackling racism and hatred.

Spend a few evenings reading this important and entertaining story.

Comments from Readers:

“I think Dark Days in Morgan County is every bit as poignant and touching as To Kill a Mockingbird.” ~ Educator, Carolyn

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