Leah's Path


I was holding the hog butchering knife in both hands. It still had dried blood from today’s hog that I had slaughtered.

Anger and fury filled my eyes and head as I looked down at him. The fly on his jeans was still half undone. The bruises on my arms and side were only half healed.

Thus begins the story of Leah Anne, a young girl from the Appalachian region of Kentucky. Follow her travels form Deer Branch to Lexington to Killarney, Ireland.

During a thirteen year span she is faced with murder, World War 2, friendship, secrets and great sadness.

This is the story of a young woman’s perseverance, strength, and her search for happiness and forgiveness.

Author Tim Callahan has created a character the reader will fall in love with, and surrounds her with drama, tragedy and humor.

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