Muddied Waters


Book #1 in the Kentucky Summers 2 Series

“Aaaahh! Aaaahh!” We all turned to see Francis staring at the creek bank and screaming bloody murder. We ran to her as she continued screaming. When we saw what she saw, the other girls and Purty also began screaming. The body of a young man was lying there dead. His body looked broken and bent. He was lying with his lower half in the water, the top half of his body laid on a flat rock out of the water. He was lying on his stomach.

Timmy and his friends are back again in a new series: Kentucky Summers 2. Timmy is entering high school and his life is changing in some ways, but still the same adventures, characters, fun, and entanglements he and the Wolf Pack always seem to find themselves.

The Wolf Pack investigate what they believe is a murder, the girls form their own club, Timmy’s new high school friend has gone missing, a very young married couple moves into the community, and the fun, suspense, and adventure is beginning again.

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