Sleepy Valley


Sleepy Valley is a small mountain village in the heart of those Tennessee Smoky Mountains Nick loves. But instead of peace and quiet, he can't seem to stop from meeting everyone in the little mountain village. Within a week, he's got two beautiful women chasing him, a new best friend, and a little puppy to boot.

It seems Nick didn't pick Sleepy Valley, but God picked the town for him, and what God has in store, Nick never could have imagined.

Comments from Readers:

"It is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It is certainly a "feel good" book. It tells how God can take something bad and turn it into something good.” – Jennifer

“I am reading the book right now, and I love it! I love the characters, I love that it's set in the Smoky Mountains and I love that's it's such a relaxing, enjoyable story.” – Becky

“Your book Sleepy Valley caught my eye. As soon as I opened it, I saw your message "May your path be paved by God." I bought the book in a heartbeat! Since then I have not been able to put it down.” – Estefania

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