The Sound of Tears


Book #4 in the Kentucky Summers 2 Series

James Ernest

My eyes opened when I was awoken by crunching sounds. I looked to my left and saw the owl ripping into a small Copperhead snake. The owl held the snake against the limb he was sitting on with his right talons, and was tearing meat from the snake’s body, swallowing it in large chunks. I looked down to see the coyotes still lying around the bottom of the tree. A different pack member was keeping eyes on me.


“You poor child,” I heard Aunt Ruby cry out above the other sounds in the room. The jury looked stunned. I had tears running down my face for my new friend. Sheriff Cane was holding Mom. Judge Franklin finally calmed enough to thump the gavel to get the room to quiet. The room became silent. All I heard were the sound of tears in the quietness.

In this fourth installment of Tim Callahan’s Kentucky Summers Series, the drama and laughter of life fill the pages. Fifteen year old Timmy is troubled by holding promises and secrets inside. This time it could cost a friend her life. Did Timmy actually ruin the relationship between himself and Susie? Can it be repaired?

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