Forever the Pack


Book #8 in the Kentucky Summer Series

I pointed toward a figure that looked to be seven to eight feet tall crossing the field below us. It looked like a large hairy gorilla-like figure humped over and lumbering along. Several of the kids gasped when they finally saw it. The creature stopped and tilted his head to the sky and let out another bellowing cry, “Aah, ugh.” I got goose bumps up and down my arms. The hairs on my body stood on end. Susie grabbed my arm and buried her head into my forearm.

In the last installment of the Kentucky Summers series, Tim Callahan has given us a story of excitement and compassion. The fall of 1962 and school is ready to begin. Uncle Morton is in the hospital, and the Wolf Pack is on their final mission—find James Ernest and Big Foot.

A reunion, forty-three years later, brings back all your favorite characters to reminisce and maybe have one last adventure, revealing a secret Timmy has kept for all those years.

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