Coty & The Wolf Pack


Book #2 in the Kentucky Summers Series


Robert said, "It has actually been kind of boring around the county since you left." But that's about to change.

Timmy is back for the summer of 1960 with more fun and excitement in this second installment of the Kentucky Summers Series. Author Tim Callahan brings back all the lovable characters from his first charming book The Cave, The Cabin, & The Tattoo Man and introduces a few new friends.

In Coty and the Wolf Pack, Timmy, James Ernest, and two new friends form a club--The Wolf Pack. Secret meetings, a two day overnight hike, and Timmy's new pet, Coty, fill the pages with humor and hair-raising adventures. Timmy's summation about their adventure is: I learned two things. I learned what true friends will do for each other..., and I learned that we have bears in the county.

Stop and relax and read what fun it is to be a child.

The Magoffin County Wolf Pack

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